10 Qualities/Traits of A Godly Woman

As Christian men, guys we’re to look for a Christian girlfriend. When we are looking we want a Godly woman that will be exactly what we’d want in a wife. Uno, spotting a Godly woman isn’t as easy as it sounds, and B, lets be honest men, unless we’ve done a study in a group of what to look for, we really have no idea what to look for. Amen? Amen! I’m in the same boat of being single as you are. To help remedy this issue, here’s a look at some of the qualities or traits to look for in a Godly woman.


10 – She’s Independent

No, I don’t mean that she’s a radical feminist. I mean that she is confident, optimistic and doesn’t require you in her world every waking moment to maintain her sanity. She misses you when you aren’t with her, but she will survive without you there all the time. She knows that there are some things that are outside of her control and she’s not going to pout or worry about them. She enjoys time with her friends and isn’t hurt if you want to spend an evening hanging with the guys.


9 – She’s A True Woman of Faith

You need to make sure that she is a true woman of faith. There can be counterfeits out there that only outwardly profess that they have a deep faith. You want a woman that has a faith that is much deeper than her words. Look closely at her actions, how she treats others, and how she treats issues of faith. There should be no doubt when you are looking for a girlfriend as to whether or not she is a Christian or not. Without a faith that the two of you share, a possible relationship is doomed already.


8 – She’s Complimentary of Your Looks

If you’re always telling her how beautiful you think she is and all that she has to  say is “thank you,” you’re in trouble. A great Christian girlfriend tells you how attractive she thinks you look in that shirt. She might even be overheard telling her friends how handsome she thinks you look. She introduces you to her friends with a line like, “This handsome fella/guy is my boyfriend,” or jokingly says things like “Sorry grandma, you can’t have him, he’s mine.” Fellas, you know what I’m talking about, those things that some girls have forgotten make us guys feel good too.


7 – She Cares About Her Appearance

Although the Bible warns against vanity, if you look closely at the definition of a Godly woman in Proverbs, you will definitely find that she cares about her appearance. This doesn’t mean she has to have 50,000 pairs of shoes or spend $1000s on her wardrobe (fellas be on the watch for that as well) however, she will look well kept. She will have good grooming and hygiene, and she will keep her appearance neat to show that she takes the time to care for herself (meaning she will also not let you look like a slob).


6 – She’s A Hard Worker

You want to look for a woman that is a hard worker. She works hard to take care of her own and is not lazy. If you find a woman that avoids work as much as possible, this is not a woman you want a serious relationship with (run the other way!). This means she’s lazy in her relationship with God and it can and will transfer over into a relationship with you so watch out!


5 – She Respects You

RE – SPECT! R-E-S-P-E-C-T, you know the song! This one goes in the middle of the list because all the best nuggets of truth are hidden in the in-between. She doesn’t roll her eyes at you, or mock you for thinking differently on some issue. When you have a disagreement, she respects your opinion and will work with you to solve the issue instead of making it an explosive bout. She doesn’t go to her friends and gossip about you and whats been going on in the private of your relationship. She doesn’t tell your secrets to other people. She is able to recognize your strengths and admires you for them.


4 -She Gets Along With Your Family And Friends

A great girlfriend will not only help your mom in the kitchen, listen to your dad’s stories (even the corny jokes, but she’ll hang out with your friends. She’ll make a real effort to get to know and love the most important people in your life. And she won’t try to get you to ditch your bros (be on the watch for this, women like this do exist). She’ll sit through a convo about 1976 Camaros and Mustangs or a game of Modern Warfare with the guys. Your friends won’t roll their eyes and groan when you announce that she’s getting off work and coming. If she’s really special like you, you might hear your guys tease you with, “finally some REAL competition for this game!”


3 – She Cares For Others

You can definitely spot a woman that is Godly by watching how she cares for others. A true Christian woman doesn’t put others down, she won’t make fun of people out of spite. She isn’t shallow and she will show care and compassion to those around her. She is willing to step outsider of herself to care for someone who may not have treated her correctly recently. (Yeah, I phrased it like that for a reason men. Treat her right!) If any of these characteristics so far are missing, you have to wonder how she would treat you in the future if you became involved with her. I’m just being real with you gentlemen.


2 – She Likes You

“She likes me for me!” That’s a great line from the song Hey Leonardo. A Christian woman likes you for who you really are and not whats on the surface or what you can do for her. She doesn’t try to change you. She thinks you look cute in that old baseball hat and she made a decision to learn a few things about football. She treats you well on an everyday basis and doesn’t play mind games with you like playing “hard to get” or insulting you in some strange way to flirt with you.This type of a woman loves you in a mature way and takes your feelings and beliefs into consideration at every turn.


1 – She Loves God More Than She Loves You

Eventually she’s going to begin to love you, and while that’s good she has to love God more than she loves you. If she skips bible study or woman’s group meeting to be with you and wants you to blow off bible study, group, or church…run, run fast and run hard! She needs to love God more than she loves you. If she doesn’t have that devotion to God above all else, she will not have it towards you. She’s supposed to love God so much that even her relationship with you pales in comparison. So if she begins to stop doing devotions, delving into the Word and other things this is the red flag that she may be the wrong one for you.


This is just a list of things to look for when looking for a Godly woman to get into a relationship with or marry. These are only a few things however as there are others to consider but I think that this list can help the brothers I’ve talked to regarding this issue as to some things to watch for in a Godly woman.


About Solomon

I'm a 25 year old man who is simply trying to find his way through life with God. There are times I'm not sure what to do or say but it's in those times I have to push on and walk through how bad things might look. I'm not cut from the average cloth.
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